Stress Negative
Registration: 160360004
Ear Notch: 9-4
Bred By: Moore Showpigs
Over Run: $50
Last Call: $35

The spotted breed is one that has always been good to us and is always keeping us on the lookout for the next piece to lay in. When Derek sent us this picture and informed us about this boar, we knew we had to own him! With the untimely loss of Detox and the steam that he had picked up since his death we hoped we could find a son to fill the void. We feel we did that in a big time way with Hybrid! This one is massive and huge in terms of his foot and bone. Without a doubt the stoutest spotted boar we have ever owned. Moderate in his build with a big back and huge rib cage. Hybrid has a huge hip and is opened up off both ends. Great kind of look and extension up front. We feel this one is the right size and design to make big time spotted barrows that are right for the times! We’re excited to have Hybrid join our already deep set of spotted sires and look forward to seeing what he can do! If you’re on a mission to make spotted hogs that will take you to a different level then make sure Hybrid is your choice to utilize!!!