Registration: 516493003
Ear Notch: 7-3
Bred By: Peyton Hill and Thompson and Son
Owned With: Crossroads Genetics and Jason Leigh

Even with the addition of Fireproof, we went to Indy with the goal of finding a second elite Yorkshire boar to showcase along beside our already powerful sire line up. When Indestructible hit the ring, we knew he was the one that needed to come to Crossroads! He went on to be named Champion Yorkshire Boar, and it is easy to see why as with one quick glance, he impresses you with his massive center body, wide, square build and impeccable soundness. Study deeper into him, and he blows you away with his huge, bold rib cage, square shapely hip, and muscular wide top. Evaluate this one at the ground, and he is busted open in his chest cavity and leaves you with that same width advantage. Every aspect of this one’s skeleton reads stout as he is stout skulled and huge boned with great big feet! Indestructible’s most impressive attribute may be his natural durability and added flexibility. This one was ring sour from the get go and never once broke down as he fought the fence from one end of the ring to the other! He fought tooth and nail every second of the drive and maintained his stamina when 90% of hogs with his show day attitude would have worn out and went down. We feel this one possesses all the traits necessary to make winning Yorkshire barrows and gilts that should be Indestructible come show time!! If you are looking to level the competition, make sure you are Indestructible!!