Just One More


Stress Negative
Registration: 386677007
Ear Notch: 27-7
Bred By: Goff Select Swine Genetics
Owned With: Rodibaugh Genetic Team

$11,000 IN State Fair Champion!

As we’ve made mention of before, the Duroc breed is one we take with great pride and passion around here. Our search to find and assemble the highest quality set of red boars is one that never ends. The Indiana State Fair lived up to its hype of surfacing great boars once again this year in the red show. An easy Champion Boar exhibited by Goff Select Swine Genetics caught the attention of many around ringside. One that hit us hard as one of the best we’d seen show up anywhere this summer made him a must own. It took $11,000 to own him and we’re thrilled to have the Rodibaugh crew on board with us on this one. Thanks guys! Just One More is sired by Lifesaver, a Lifetime X Royal Flush son owned by Goff and bred by Mike Bond. Lifetime needs very little introduction today, as he is one that has sired like crazy over the years and still continues to stand strong on stud here today. The Royal Flush sow of Bond’s is a big time generator as she also produced the $13,000 Champion Duroc Gilt at Duncan in 2014 that was purchased by Adam Beck Family Showpigs. That sow has generated tremendously for ABF, producing the Grand Gilts at the American Royal Southeast Regional in 2016. The World of Outlaws sow adds in a little different splash of genetics making this an intriguing pedigree. Power in the blood in this bold pedigree! Just One More is a monster of a red boar! Big and bold in his skeleton. Stout legged and big footed. Wide and powerful at the ground with a huge chest that reads square and true. Up high he has a big shapely back with a ditch down it. Opened up at his blade with a pliable rib cage that is deep and bold. Great designed from the side being tall shouldered and level made. Good extension up front with a stout skull that has a trendy look. We think this one combines unique things that can make the next generation of Durocs better! You can never have enough big time red boars so what is Just One More going to hurt!?