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Kissin’ Cousins


Stress Negative
Registration: 118714002
Ear Notch: 38-2
Bred By: Adam Beck & Family

Sometimes good things happen for good reasons! This is the case for Kissin’ Cousins as he was our prospect we had on feed for the 2013 Indiana State Fair. When we found out that Corya was judging the show we decided to keep him here and put him in stud and we are sure glad we did. This son of Kentucky Lovin’ offers some pretty special things to the Berkshire breed, in our opinion. For starters, this one is extra tall fronted, jerk necked with extra extension not commonly found in this breed. He is level down his spine and back thru his hip. This one sets down on monster legs and huge feet. Even though pictured in his working clothes this one has great expression of muscle and is making babies sellable with great muscle definition. Kissin’ Cousins is big and bold in his center body with great depth and spring of rib and body. He tracks square and true on an athletic, functional skeleton. Being a late February boar, his first offspring didn’t come until late Jan and Feb but customers that used him are very impressed with the outcome. Many say they are just as good if not better than his dominant sire’s offspring. Either way, we are glad that both are here at work. If you want to make a consistent set of easy selling, shapely Berkshire hogs that go on to feed into champions then make sure you have some Kissin’ Cousins in that equation!!!