Knight Vision


Stress Negative
Registration: 374306001
Ear Notch: 15-1
Bred By: Knight Genetics

If one wants to study recent successes in this industry over multiple breeds and multiple shows, it wouldn’t take long to find Knight Genetics at the top of that conversation. A firm that has been on absolute tear in both the Duroc and Berkshire breeds! Show after show, these boys load up and bring out big time prospects that can make the genetic pools better! They definitely brought their A Game to Louisville once again to the 2016 STC. Their pair of He’s the One X Light ‘Em Up hogs added to the heat of things with the gilt being named the Reserve Champion Gilt and selling for $13,000 and their boar winning the youngest class and bringing the price tag of $27,000! We are pumped to have Knight Vision join the already deep line up of Duroc boars to offer you! A boar that gets you excited in a hurry if you want to make hogs that are impeccable built from the side. This one paints a picture of how they should look from the profile being jet level from blade to tail. Extra good fronted and extended with the cool trendy look. Square built skeleton sets him about. True at the ground with great width off both ends and square up high from his blade to his hip. Great shape of muscle down his top and back into his hip. Stout featured in terms of bone and foot size. We think Knight Vision is going to do a great job of making those hogs that are easy and fun to sell and the ones that will go ahead and feed with a great future. Sneak thru the dark and eliminate the competition with Knight Vision!!!