Mad Max


Stress Negative
Registration: 364633006
Ear Notch: 7-6
Bred By: McClain Showpigs

The Duroc breed has been very fortunate to Crossroads since the beginning of our business. We have been lucky enough to lay in some sires that have hit and had monster successes on all levels. This has fortunately created great demand for Duroc sires housed here, thus allowing us to, essentially, never have too many. We are never ones to worry about how many of what breed we have and have always purchased hogs based on quality and not quantity. That being said, a Duroc boar wasn’t necessarily at the top of our list heading to the Indiana State Fair but when this McClain Lifetime son hit the ring that changed in a hurry! He went on to be named Reserve Champion Duroc Boar & Top Seller and that was just icing on the cake for us. His Iconic mother offers a little different pedigree splash for us here but that boar is certainly no stranger to success in the red breed the last couple years. MAD MAX hit us hard in Indianapolis for being the tall fronted, level built hog that has a natural kind of high head carriage that we like. When you study him, he comes at you with a monster chest floor and maintains that width thru his entire skeleton. Stout and heavy in his bones with an awesome built, flexible skeleton. Up high, MAD MAX has a big, shapely back and hip. We feel he combines and balances as good as any we have here. His daddy has had quite the impressive run in his first season and we hope MAD MAX will not only carry on that legacy but write his own!!!