Stress Negative
Registration: 136299003
Ear Notch: 21-3


Bred By: Hill Showpigs
Owned With: Hill Showpigs & Fugate Showpigs
Pre-Order: $50
Last Call: $35

Excitement within the Landrace show ring has been at its all time high in recent years. The quality of stock has been incredible and we’ve seen a few select boars come in and dominate from show to show. Lucky for us, we were fortunate enough to own one of those boars, Mayhem. His winning ways have been dominating! Unfortunately with the new regulations shaping up with the NSR, he didn’t pass the breed profile test. That immediately put us on the search for a son that passed the test. That search didn’t take long once Kyle Clauson sent us a video of a Mayhem son he had raised who passed the profile! Within 24 hours of being made aware of him, he was locked up and coming to Crossroads! Big thanks to Fugate & Brattain for wanting to own a piece of Havoc!
Havoc has us just as excited to be in the Landrace breed as what his daddy did! One that comes with a stout pedigree with a long list of winners standing behind him. Mayhem needs no introduction siring winners from Denver to Arizona to San Antonio, Georgia and everywhere in between. His Outlook mother comes from a highly successful litter that included the Champion Landrace Gilt at the Southeast Regional in 2015. She is also the mother of the Champion Boar at Indy in 2016. The Substitution grandmother is the Champion Gilt at the Indy Jr Show in 2012 and the grand dam of TKO.
Havoc is an impressive specimen to view. Stout and heavy duty in his skeleton. Big and bold about his body. Loose and flexible in his spine. Square and opened up with an incredible hip and hind leg. Love this one’s look and presence up front. We feel Havoc can be the next big thing for our Landrace program. Follow up the recent Mayhem in the show ring by creating Havoc!!!