No Regrets


Stress Negative
Registration: 146944001
Ear Notch: 12-1
Bred By: Knauth Showpigs
Owned With: Matt Ritter, Bellitini, Wippel & Knoblach
Pre Order: $100
Over Run: $75
Last Call: $50

The opportunity to buy good livestock comes in all shapes and sizes. Those of you that know us know that we do not buy many boars at a very young age. Sometimes opportunities too good to pass up make themselves present. That was the exact case at the 2017 Fall Classic. Kyle Knauth exhibited an early August boar that won the youngest class in the breeding show. He hit us about as hard as any little one ever had. It took $9,000 to lock him up and we’re glad we did. Fast forward to today and the way he has matured leaves us with No Regrets!
No Regrets is one impressive specimen to view today. One that is incredibly heavy boned and stout featured. Huge feet and big legs. Built like an athlete in how he gets out and hits his stride. Great reach and flexibility of both ends. The way this one gets his hock out behind his hip is flat impressive. Up high he has a shapely back that is square and opened up. Height at the point of his shoulder balances him from the side. Good stout look up front. No Regrets is as exciting of a Berkshire sire as we’ve ever owned!
This thing has an incredible pedigree that is backed with a winning heritage. Sired by the $60,000 Keep Talkin’ and our of a Non Typical X Bottoms Up sow. His mother is the $11,500 Reserve Champion at the 2016 STC and was bred by Mauck. His grandmother is a littermate to Drinking Class. Full sibs to No Regrets were the $5,000 Reserve Berk Gilt 2017 STC, Reserve Grand Overall Gilt & Champion Berkshire 2017 Ohio State Fair, and $5,000 4th Overall Gilt 2017 Field of Dreams Sale; that went on the win her class at Springfield & Indy. Awesome boar, incredible pedigree equates to Berkshires that will leave No Regrets!!!