Notice Me


Stress Negative
Registration: 564859001
Ear Notch: 38-1
Bred By: Rodibaugh Genetic Team
Owned With: Crone Farms

SWTC Champion

The Southwest Type Conference in Belton, Texas has always treated us well since our entry into the boar stud business in terms of being a show that is loaded with quality. We have made some good purchases there over the years that have yielded big time stud boars for us. This year was no different and came via the Yorkshire show. This Take Notice X Sunset son from Rodibaugh hit us hard early in the day. He presented himself with that mass and dimension typically found in Take Notice and tied that in with an awesome look and flawless skeleton. He went on to be named Champion Yorkshire Boar and we knew he was one we needed to have. Special thanks for Crone Farms for teaming up with us to bring this one back to IN. NOTICE ME excels in the way he combines mass, dimension, look, and build in a sound structured package. This one has huge kind of rib cage with great shape and expression down his back. He is a tall fronted, good looking boar that is level from blade to hip. At the ground he is square and mobile. We feel this is one that will make those really good kind of Yorkshire show hogs that have to extras and can go the extra mile. Get yourself noticed in the big rings with NOTICE ME!!!