Paint It Black


Stress Negative
Registration: 141197006
Ear Notch: 27-6
Bred By: Douglas Schaefer
Owned With: Albright Swine Farm & Ritter Family Berkshires
Pre Order: $75
Last Call: $50

The Berkshire show was crazy good this year in Belton with all kinds of parts & pieces showing up! Making the trip down not necessarily needing another Berkshire Boar we decided to buy 2 after watching the show! The 2nd place boar from the oldest class caught our attention in a hurry! One that excels in how sound and flexible he is and how correct and flawless he is in his build. Great big feet and toes with huge bones. Extremely square and correct in how he handles his skeleton. Mass and bulk are very good too. Big and bold in his rib cage with great dimension. Ample in his muscle shape and expression with a big square hip and back. Tall fronted and level. We think this one has a chance to be a big time generator as he offers a nickel older pedigree. Sired by Shotgun, the Shotgun Rider son at Real’s, which was the popular Cornerstone Ventures boar from Duncan in 2015. Shotgun’s dam is a Superman sow that was the Reserve Berk at San Angelo and a Littermate to Superfly! Paint It Black‘s dam is sired by Willis, another boar formerly at Real’s, who was a Gary Coleman son from Randy Pullan purchased at Duncan about 3 years ago. Paint It Black is awesome in his color pattern and is one that should help reduce some of those louder marked ones. We are excited about having this one in stable and look forward as to what he can do! Let your next Berkshire success take form with Paint It Black!!!