Stress Pending
Registration: 470852002
Ear Notch: 33-2

We had big expectations for Reality this summer and all intentions of selling him until an injury prevented him from going to Louisville or Indiana. Truth is, we may not have been able to afford selling him. As we begin to piece together our initial sire lineup, we feel that Reality has a chance to make a big splash. He has read like a breeding hog to us since he was weaned; stout fronted and still attractive, wide chested and tremendous blade and forearm. Reality has the true muscle shape and mass you’d expect from a Hampshire herd boar. He’s athletic in his skeleton with clean joints, big feet and even toes. His pedigree speaks for itself, sired by Homegrown and out of Unreal’s mother. Just as Unreal continues to leave his mark on the Hampshire breed, we have total confidence that Reality will be heard from.