Stress Negative
Registration: 570937002
Ear Notch: 1-2
Bred By: Genter Family
$11,000 STC Purchase

Our goal for our Yorkshire program in 2015 was achieved times two at Louisville, in our minds. This is the other half of the tag team duo of class winners we brought home. REGULATOR is an In Control x Private Drive and was bred by the Genter Family. This one commanded our attention on the green shavings for being extra stout in his foot and bone with a shapely skeleton and good look up front. He strolled around the ring with comfort on big feet and stout legs. He comes and goes square and true while being opened up at the base of his skeleton. REGULATOR gives you a crisp, shapely look down his back and into his hip. He is big and bold in the center of his body. Extension and look up front are not lacking as he gives you a great kind of show pig look from the side. The $11,000 it took bring this one home was definitely worth the investment in our minds the way he just balances up into a really good kind of Yorkshire boar to fit our program. If you want to win big banners and be in control of your own destiny its best if it is done with a REGULATOR on your side!!!