Stress Carrier
Registration: 138871001
Ear Notch: 3-1
Pre-Order: $75
Last Call: $50

Never before have we seen a purebred Berkshire boar this good!!! One impressive specimen that took on the crosses and beat them all but one! He is the $60,000 Reserve Champion from the Crossbred show at the 2016 Fall Classic. Too old to show in the purebred show by 11 days and carrying the stress status of a carrier caused him to not be eligible for the purebred show but this one is as purebred as can be and carries a pedigree! If there has ever been a breed changer comes along in recent times it is without a doubt this one!!! Sasquatch is an absolute powerhouse in our minds! One that is extra heavy boned and stout featured. Huge legs and enormous feet make up this one’s stout skeleton. Square made and big chested at the ground with great set, flex and reach to his hock. The squareness to his hind leg is superb and is one that really gets out and motors. Massive backed and shapely with muscle to burn. His rib cage and center body is big and length of body and frame size are ideal. A combination boar that is so balanced and complete yet takes things to the extreme! One that carriers a little bit of an older school pedigree but is really just irrelevant details for how good we think Sasquatch is! There are winning traditions in his pedigree as his mother was the Reserve Champion Berkshire Gilt at Tulsa in 2014 and that same year her littermate brother was Champion Berkshire Barrow there too. This is one that can do lots of things for lots of sows out there both Berkshire and Crossbred alike. If you just want to make hogs better, then Sasquatch needs to be on your short list! Don’t let a little stress in his pedigree keep you from using this breed changer! The hunt for that ‘next one’ is over……Sasquatch is here!!!