Short Changed


Stress Negative
Registration: 150246006
Ear Notch: 10-6
Bred By: Vroegh Bros
Owned With: Schminke Genetics
Pre-Order: $75
Last Call: $50

They always say it pays off to be in the right place at the right time when good things happen. That was absolutely the case at the World Pork Expo Chester show. First Take has been off to a fast start siring lots of national champions in a short amount of time. Therefore, we felt our mission for the summer needed to be to add a son or two. When the first class of boar hit the ring in Des Moines, it didn’t take long to realize we’d found one we were looking for. The Vroegh/Edwards entry initially won the first class and after an underline discrepancy was removed from the show. Later that evening he was made available for new ownership back in the barn and we were there to take advantage. A big thank you to Al Schminke for wanting to work with us on acquiring this one! Also thanks to Guthry & Blake for their willingness to sell him to us. We’re excited about his future at Crossroads! Short Changed, like mentioned above, is sired by First Take, the very popular Beyers/Biggs boar currently on stud. His mother is a Blizzard Warning sow, whom had a very successful jackpot career in Iowa. Short Changed comes from a very deep litter as he’s had a few sister successfully shown in Iowa this summer; with one in particular capturing a Top 5 Overall on more than one occasion. This one is incredibly good in how he ties together balance and eye appeal with stoutness. Awesome from the profile as he is a tall shouldered, long fronted one that runs uphill. He is level down his spine and back thru his hip. At the ground he is square and opened up with a wide chest and big foot and rear leg. He excels his daddy in pastern strength and offers a shot more muscle definition. Set Short Changed into motion and he flat gets out and covers some surface with a sound and flexible motor. We think this one has a chance to follow his daddy’s early footsteps along with starting his own legacy. Leave the competition flustered and searching for answers with Short Changed!!!