Stress Negative
Registration: 484600004
Ear Notch: 9-4

With already having Prototype locked up prior to Indiana, we still headed up there that morning with the goal of finding yet one more Hampshire boar. Never did we imagine we would find a pair that we had to make sure we came home with. Those pair from Watson Hamps went on to be named Champion and Reserve of the show and got us excited even more. The champion boar, that we call Silencer, is one that hit us hard for being a stout featured, big legged kind of a Hampshire boar. This one has big bones and big feet and can flat out motor on any surface he makes contact with. He is one that we love for being tall fronted, level spined, and cool headed. This one in motion comes at you square and goes away with the same advantage. From the side he has a big bold rib cage with excellent center body dimension. Up high, Silencer reads with that smooth muscle shape down his top and back thru his hip. We love this one’s ability to come home and make Hampshire show gilts that are big, big legged, good centered, and extra mobile when in motion. This one’s pedigree reads as Speechless X Sterling Silver. Again, he offers a pedigree different than most of the hottest sires in the Hampshire breed today. That Sterling Silver sow is one of Mike’s really good ones as she has produced Flat Bill at A Cut Above, along with the Champion & Reserve Hampshire Gilts at the 2013 Summer Spectacular. Many thanks to the Watsons for retaining ownership in Silencer; they feel he is going to be a big time generator!! If you goal is to hang purple banners with Hampshire gilts and then take them home to make the next generation better than in our minds the one way to quiet the competition is with Silencer!!!