Sleep Easy


Stress Negative
Registration: 152479003
Ear Notch: 19-3
Bred By: Sites Livestock
Owned With: Schminke Chesters
Purchased from Sites Livestock (Platt/Lahr Bred Gilt)
Pre-Order: $75
Over Run: $50
Last Call: $35

$20,000 WPX Champion Chester Boar!!!

A must own boar from World Pork Expo! One of the more talked about boars across all the breeds in Des Moines that caught our attention as one we needed to try and bring to Clayton! An easy Champion boar, it took $20,000 to get him secured. A big thank you to Schminke for partnering up on him with us. Not only is he a boar that offers a little different twist of a pedigree for today’s popular lines, but phenotypically offers traits hard to come by in this breed! Sleep Easy is a boar that is so unique in how he combines shape and muscle with design and mobility. He is a tall shouldered, slick fronted boar that is level patterned from the side. Stout constructed with a big shapely back and hip. Underneath his width stays genuine as it does up high with a square chest and knee. Big boned and big footed at the ground with great range of motion off both ends. One we feel can make them great looking, big muscled and sound footed! Sleep Easy is sired by Pillow Talk and out of a Never Lose Focus sow. She was the $4,000 gilt Sites sold at the 2017 Sweethearts for the Summer sale that Platt purchased. Ryan then got her back that fall as a bred gilt via the Platt/Lahr bred gilt offering. A female that Ryan would tell you came with buyer’s remorse, he had to get her back when the opportunity arose. She was also a Littermate to the popular 2017 WPX boar he exhibited that sired a class winner there this year. Ryan says she is one impressive female to view today and is backed by even more dominant genetics with the Grandmother being a Hill Jack from Armstrong. With a pedigree that loaded, Sleep Easy is sure to generate! Adding Sleep Easy next the Ammann pair, we think we have a great new trio to offer alongside First Take and Track Star! Make your Chester breeding decisions simple enough that when you lay your head down at night you can Sleep Easy!!!