Smokin’ Gun

Stress Negative
Registration: 124456004
Ear Notch: 1-4
Bred By: Morgan Valverka

There are often times in all breeds that you have to lay in that different boar that serves as an outlier to what you have working in your program already. That outlier of sorts came to us in Duncan, Oklahoma at the Fall Classic Berkshire Show. This specimen from the Vaverka family intrigued us from the time he hit the ring. He wasn’t necessarily that ‘win the show’ type but offered a bunch of really cool pieces we felt we needed to lay in. Coming with a pedigree of Wanted X Dead or Alive, offers a little different splash to ones currently in stud here. The most difference this one offers is from a phenotypic standpoint. We gets calls every day wanting to know what boar they can “downsize and add more bone” to their sows. They all are in search of that different one. Well Smokin’ Gun is that different one for us. One we like a great deal for being monster legged with enormous feet. He is moderate in his frame and short in his body length. He still reads with some extension and look up front while combining into a flexible package. We feel Smokin’ Gun is a perfect match for those Kentucky Lovin’ or Kissin’ Cousins lines out there. To be successful, sometimes we have to make that reach out to something different. Make sure you go to the ring differently with a Smokin’ Gun!!!