Stress Negative
Registration: 147719003
Ear Notch: 3-3
Bred By: Corya Family Showpigs
Owned With: Corya Family Showpigs
Pre-Order: $50
Last Call: $35

A strong lineup of Chester Whites boars in stud is something that we have always been fortunate enough to have. We have been blessed to have experienced lots of success amongst this breed at all levels of competition. From Heartbreaker to Heavy Hitter to Bonecrusher, we have had a set that has dominated the show ring year in and year out. When the opportunity arose to bring in another elite Chester herd sire, we jumped at the chance to do so. One from a pedigree standpoint that went a little old school, but combined three of the greats that we’ve ever housed here. THROWBACK is a Forgive and Forget x Bonecrusher x Heartbreaker from the Corya Family. He was set to be their Duncan entry but we felt this one needed to come straight to Clayton and join the stable. Not only does his lined up pedigree of great generating Chester boars fire us up, but the phenotypic presence he possesses does too. One that puts together the look, design, and flexibility of his sire combined with the stoutness, mass, and muscle generated by the sire of his dam. THROWBACK is one rugged featured, huge boned animal. Monster feet and big legs. Square built at the ground with a big chest and comfortable stride. Huge back with great shape of muscle and mass to his center body. Tie in his tall fronted, extended show hog look and we think this one has all the key components to create his own legacy. Backed by some of the greats amongst the breed and ones we were and are privileged to have owned, THROWBACK is going to carry on the torch for us within this breed. Don’t be afraid to go back in time and kick it old school to make Chesters that are stout featured and good looking with THROWBACK!!!

Sired by Throwback:

2017 Pennsylvania Farm Show
Shown by: Drew Rhea
2017 Oklahoma Youth Expo
Shown by: Hudson Long