Stress Negative
Registration: 163499006
Ear Notch: 7-6
Bred By: Down Family Showpigs
Pre-Order: $75
Over Run: $50
Last Call: $50

It’s no secret that the buzz around the spotted breed is at an all-time high! The depth and quality of this breed currently has been unparalleled as many have competed and won top show honors amongst all breeds. We’ve been very privileged to lay in some monster spotted sires that have been very dominant in the show ring in recent years. We feel with as embedded as we’ve become in this breed that we have to strive to offer the most elite sires that we can find. This begins the introductions of what we feel are 3 of the best spot boars we’ve ever owned! Touchdown is the very popular 2nd place boar from the World Pork Expo exhibited by Brian Down. He had a pair of similar bred boars there that turned lots of heads. The one we elected to own reads with a pedigree of Downtown X On the Run. Downtown is the $10,000 boar that Down sold at Springfield last summer to Showtime. This boar has had an incredible run in his first crop and this is prime example of what they can look like. The On the Run sow had a very successful show career as she was the 4th Overall Spot Gilt at the 2016 WPX Jr National as well has earning many ICPA breed titles. Touchdown is a stress negative boar that is massive in skeleton with great dimension. Big and deep in his rib cage and bold in his heart. Big square chest with awesome width going away. Great flexibility when set into motion. Incredibly heavy structured with big feet and toes. Burly and stout in his makeup. Has a cool showpig look to balance him out. Run up the score on the competition with Touchdown!!!