Zoned In


Stress Negative
Registration: 576317006
Ear Notch: 126-6
Bred By: Lorenzen Farms
Owned With: Robin Ridge Farms


$40,000 STC Purchase

Our goal for our Yorkshire program for 2015 was to search for boars that offered that extra shot of length and extension up front but that still have that same kind of shape and power on a flexible skeleton that we love. The Yorkshire show in July in Louisville is one that always brings out the elite ones and this year was no exception. When the dust settled our list was short and started with the class winning boar from Lorenzen Farms. This Wheelhouse x Grand Drive son possessed the things we were in search of to be the next step in our Yorkshire program. It took $40,000 to secure him and we couldn’t be happier. Robin Ridge Farms joined in with us on another good one and we extend our thanks once again to Mike. ZONED IN fires us up for the way he combine mass and dimension with look and extension. This one is busted open at the ground with true width from front to rear. He maintains that up high with a big shapely back and massive hip. His rib cage is big and bold and dimension is impressive. ZONED IN is incredible in the way he comes out of his blade into a long, extended head and neck. The way he ties this all together at the ground is impeccable as his stride is flawless. If you’re serious about making big time Yorkshire hogs that can go out and win on the biggest stages then make sure we you get in the focus you are ZONED IN!!!

Sired by Zoned In:

2016 World Pork Expo
Shown by: Lorenzen Farms