Old Spice


Stress Negative
Registration: 389495005
Ear Notch: 28-5
Bred By: David Martin & Family
Owned With: Butts Farms
Pre-Order: $100
Over Run: $75
Last Call:  $50

The Duroc show at Duncan was smokin good this year as many big time boars made their presence known. We felt the need to lock up a pair of class winners in He-Man and the Dave Martin entry. A big thanks to Butts Farms for partnering up on his one with us! This Mr. Right son caught our attention for his sheer comfort of skeleton and design from the side. A hog that’s extended in length of body and elevated in his frame. Level from the side with a slick look up front. Square and true at the ground with great flex and reach off both ends. Good circumference of bone with ideal muscle shape. We think Old Spice defines the term balance!
His pedigree cannot go unmentioned. Mr. Right is the popular He’s the One xLight ‘Em Up son, at SGI, that’s been on a very solid run thus far. The Man on Fire mommy to Old Spice, is quite the generator herself. Dave tells us she’s one of his best sows that never misses. The generating power both top and bottom is seen here, as Dave kept 3 littermate sisters to Old Spice. Douse the competition and leave them grasping for air with Old Spice!!!