Road Trip


Stress Negative
Registration: 382289005
Ear Notch: 9-5
Bred By: Beyers Farms
Owned With: Beyers Farms
Pre-Order: $100
Over Run: $75
Last Call:  $20


The annual trip to the Beyers farm is one that is highly anticipated as we have been fortune to pull some breed impacting sires out of there over the years. Previous to this year’s trip, our conversations with Brett had been fun as he felt he had one of the best set of boars on feed that he had started to date. When we got the chance to go thru them they definitely did not disappoint! The one that we landed on was one that was very unique for one that comes from that firm. A boar that was extra descriptive in his muscle pattern with a big square top. Mass and muscle as you study him going away. Bold and deep in his rib cage with a square and opened up chest. Tall shouldered and extended with a good kind of show pig look up front. Mobility is superb as his is correct in his skeleton and true in his squareness off both ends. Range of motion is very good too when this one strides out. We think a next level kind of sire to make those elite ones that have shape with the look and design we all want! Road Trip is a little different pedigree for what we currently have in circulation as well. Sired by Backroad, the Can’t Stop X Different Deal son that Beyers has, and out of a Red Flash sow. She is the product of a bred gilt purchase that Beyers made from Jerry Huffington. She herself was Reserve Grand at a highly competitive IL county show. Road Trip comes from a real deep litter as well. His littermate brother has been a highly successful jackpot barrow in Missouri where he’s been Grand or Reserve multiple times along with making the Top 5 on numerous occasions. A littermate sister has been campaigned in the southwest where she has won her breed several times as well. Powerful pedigree from a dynamite litter makes this one a sure bet! Let you adventure to the backdrop and hanging purple banners be a fun kind of Road Trip!!!