Stress Negative
Registration: 353767001
Ear Notch: 4-1
Bred By: Stookey Showpigs
Owned With: Wintex Farms


We set out this summer with a goal of finding another elite kind of Duroc boar to set beside Light ‘Em Up as well as finding an outcross to him in order to breed his daughters to. When the Stookey hog hit the ring he grabbed our attention as that centerpiece we were looking for. After scanning our show sheet to see his pedigree, that only confirmed that this was the boar we needed. This boar was one of the conversation topics of the barn in Des Moines and with the many respected red breeders and just breeders in general that have been intrigued by the boar or just offered up high praise on this purchase just confirms our thoughts on how good this stud is. It took $57,000 to exchange ownership of him and we would like to think our good friends Will & Jay Winter of Wintex Farms for teaming up with us to bring him to Clayton. Shameless is sired by the late Sublime (XR Red Jacket X Red Dirt X Hooiser’s Mother) and out of a really good Crown Royal sow that has garnered quite a bit of success for Stookey. Shameless is a boar that excites us for the way he combines build, flexibility, design, and muscle in a super balanced package. When you get into this one, he is super tall fronted with awesome extension to his head and neck. Down his top he is jet level from blade to hip while having great shape and muscle expression down his spine and into his hip. This one comes at you with a big chest while staying square and true to the ground off both ends. His most impressive feature is the way he plants and flexes off his rear hocks and pasterns. This one is square from behind and travels with an ideal hip and hind leg placement. He takes a big, long stride without rolling or struggling to flex his rear legs. His bone balances and compliments his skeleton extremely well offering a dynamite, complete package of a red boar. The positives that we feel this one is going to sire should make Shameless a household name in the future. If you want to make Duroc hogs that are functional and sound with killer show ring appeal then you better punch your ticket with Shameless!!!