Shiftin’ Gears


Stress Negative
Registration: 353105001
Ear Notch: 11-1
Bred By: Beyers Farms
Owned With: Marty Fordice Family and Beyers Farms
Pre-Order: $50
Last Call: $35

If one were to set down and start compiling a list of firms that continuously breed champion Durocs, it wouldn’t take long for the Beyers name to keep popping up. This firm has probably hung more banners from coast to coast than any over the last decade, and does it more consistently than most. Brett is a good friend of ours, and during one of our conversations he made mention of a very unique boar they had raised. He said this one was by far the heaviest boned one they had ever made and still had the look and sound skeleton that has propelled all the Beyers’ hogs to the winner’s circle. He mentioned that he was going to breed several sows to him and that there was enough for us to know we had to go look at him. When Brett drove out SHIFTIN’ GEARS for us, you could see the excitement he has for this one all over his face. Much like the Fordice family, the Beyers’ pour their heart and soul into making Duroc hogs better. It definitely showed in our evaluation of this Milestone son. SHIFTIN’ GEARS is one absolutely huge boned, big footed, red boar. He has big toes that are even and square and point the correct direction on the move. He strolls around the surface on a square made, truly flexible and comfortable skeleton. From the side, he is ideal in body length while being long and level about his hip and tall fronted with extra extension from his blade forward. Show hog look comes in a big package here too as he is as cool headed as they come. This one has a big center body cavity that is deep and dimensional. This is one that ties everything together in a complete, balanced package. SHIFTIN’ GEARS is sired by the Beyers’ boar, Milestone, a Flash Drive X Integrity son that defines the philosophy of their breeding program. This boar’s mother is a Full Shift x Prenup sow with the grand dam being a littermate to Timberwolf. We would be the first to tell you that we didn’t need to necessarily add another Duroc boar with the lineup we already had in place, but when you find one that is this unique from a breeder that we have more respect than measurable for and can advance the breed the way we think he can, it’s hard to pass on that opportunity. Many thanks to the Marty Fordice Family for knowing the potential this one possesses and investing in him with us. If you have the goal of making Duroc hogs that have that extra shot of stoutness with a motor that can take you to the next level, then you may want to make sure you are SHIFTIN’ GEARS all the way to the purple banner!!!

Sired by Shiftin’ Gears:

2016 NJSA Western Regional
Shown by: Tyler Nasser
2016 Oklahoma Southwest District
Shown by: Pace Middlestaedt
2016 Oklahoma Central District
Shown by: Blake Kennedy
2016 Oklahoma Youth Expo
Shown by: Caden Levings
2016 NJSA Southeast Regional
Shown by: Brayden Hearn