Stress Negative
Registration: 360695001
Ear Notch: 5-1
Bred By: Olson Farms
Owned With: Robin Ridge Farms & Olson Farms

Olson Farms needs no introduction to the winner’s circle when it comes to hanging banners with Duroc hogs. They have produced barrows and gilts that have won on the biggest stages. They have placed boars in studs that have generated greatly and one that started a legacy and left a strong footprint in the breed with Buck Cherry. When we received a call that Blaine and his family had a good one that had just been named Champion at Illinois State Fair that we needed to own, we were in. Sired by Off Label 15-3 (Off Label X His mother), and out of an Iconic X Mammoth sow brings a new pedigree both top and bottom to our lineup. The grand dam of TRADEMARK is the $7,500 Jerry Huffington sow that was Champion at IL in 2013. Thanks to the Olsons for keeping interest in him as well. This boar excites us to lay in next to the set already in place as he is different, not only in pedigree, but compliments this set tremendously. He is stout in his bone with huge feet. His flex of stride and feet and leg placement are ideal. TRADEMARK has a huge chest and leaves you square and true. He is tall at the point of his shoulder with great extension to his front end with killer show hog look. Level and shape down his spine and square made. We feel TRADEMARK is going to do just that; lay in his own brand of show hogs that go out and win at the highest levels. Put your stamp on big time Duroc show hogs with TRADEMARK!!!