Two Tone


Stress Negative
Ear Notch: 215-3
Bred By: Billy Wolf & Heimer Hampshires
Owned With: Billy Wolf & Heimer Hampshires
Pre-Order: $75
Last Call: $50

he Chosen Ones Sale that Jesse Heimer holds a couple times a year is one that we always look forward to. We have purchased several boars out of these sales that have helped build the brand over the years. The boars always come in here exactly how Jesse portrays them to us if not better and we roll on and make them work and work well. This year in our conversation on the offering, the Lot 1 Berkshire boar was quickly brought into discussion. The successes of the HH brand in the Berkshire ring over the years has been unparelled and is in large part the credit of the Bar None sow that resides at HH. Jesse sold her last summer in his bred sow sale for $27,000 to Billy Wolf and she was left at Jesse’s to continue her legacy there. She has produced offspring that have hung banners on the biggest stages in almost every litter along with laying in a killer set of females for HH to utilize from. He bred her back the same way to Non Typical and it yielded this specimen of a Berkshire Boar. Two Tone is a full sib to Rebel, Monopoly and the Reserve Supreme Overall & Champion Berkshire Gilt at the 2016 San Antonio Stock Show. The combination of Bar None sow’s potency and the genetic powerhouses that come from the Mauck program knocked it out of the park with Two Tone! We love what this one has to offer in terms of trendy look and presence that is so hard to find in this breed. Tall shouldered and great from the side with extra muscle shape. Set and slope to his shoulder that is hard to find in this breed. One that is loaded with power at the base of his skeleton with huge legs and big feet. Impeccable built in terms of flex and mobility with great length of stride. The headliner Berkshire boar that we were looking to add this summer is what we feel Two Tone will be for us! This one will make an impact in Berkshire breed!!!