Red Mamba


Ear Notch: 32-2


Bred By: Adam Beck & Family Showpigs
Owned with Lettow Showpigs

$31,000 Duroc from the Breeder’s Best!!!

– Dam is $16,000 purchase from The Exchange from Beyers Farms!
– Dam also produced Champion Duroc Barrow ‘18 Fort Worth, Grand Overall Gilt & Grand Overall Land of Lincoln Barrow ‘16 IL State Fair, Res Grand Overall Gilt ‘16 SW Regional, and Grand Overall Gilt ‘16 OK State Fair amongst many others!
– Grand dam is legendary Milestone sow that has been key contributor to the majority of Beyers Farms successes over the years!
– Red Mamba is the son we were hoping for when we made this mating!
– Follows the path of his daddy being extra dense in his feature with massive legs and huge feet!
– Awesome from the side in terms of height of shoulder, levelness of hip and look up front!
– Shape and muscle expression up high that will rival many Crossbred boars!
– The way this one functions and goes when in motion is flat impressive!
– Huge THANKS to Tye & Nick at Lettow Showpigs for seeing the value in this one and wanting to own part of him. Excited to see what he’ll do on their sows!
– Named after the iconic Kobe Bryant, we feel Red Mamba is set to create a legacy!