End Game X Bear 42 X Solid Monster

Bred by & Owned with Trogdon Showpigs
Owned with Frankowiack Showpigs
Stress Negative

– One half of the dynamic duo from Trogdon that we felt needed to come to Clayton!!!

– Littermate to the highly successful gilt being campaigned on the ICPA by Hallie Rhodes!!!

– Solid Monster sow shows up on both sides of his pedigree and if you follow their program, you know she is the core of their success!!!

– Bear 42 momma is a key, young sow they are building around in Paris!!!

– Avenger reads like an elite barrow sire!!

– Proportions awesome in terms of bulk, bone, and muscle!!!

– Great head & neck that is sleek and matches his balanced look for the side!!!

– Square and true off both ends with comfortable range of motion when he strides out!!!

–  One we feel is going to do awesome things when it comes to making elite showpigs!!!

–  Excited to have this pair from Trogdon to offer!!!