Short Circuit

Short Circuit


Bred by Rodibaugh Genetic Team
Stress: Negative

– Extremely good Crossbred boar that was our choice to purchase from the NSR’s “The Draft” Virtual Sire Sale!!!

– Backed by an incredible sow that line that has been responsible for the bulk of the success of the Rodibaugh Crossbred program!!!

– Romeo momma is a promising young sow and the Pocket Tee grand dam is a littermate to the 2017 Reserve Division 3 Crossbred Gilt at the IN State Fair!!!

– Futuristic for our industry in how he combines mass, muscle shape, and power in a stress negative package!!!

– Awesome spread and shape down his back with impeccable expression to his hip and stifle!!!

– Big chested one that is wide and square off both ends!!!

– Sound and flexible one that reads with awesome trendiness from the profile!!!

– Love this one for his ability to make Crossbred pigs better!!!