Summer Pricing

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Not all boars collected each collection day this time of year,
please plan ahead!




Bred by Rodibaugh Genetic Team 
Owned with Robin Ridge, Marty Fordice Family & Taylor Farrer
EN 113-3
Reg # 419692003

-$46,000 Top Selling Duroc Boar 2021 The Exposition!
-Rodibaugh boar that is flat impressive and was the talk of the barn in Indy!
-Impressive boar that balances and proportions to an elite level!
-You will be hard pressed to find another Duroc boar anywhere that is as square and true off both ends of his skeleton!
-Awesome chest, perfect knee, and ideal hock placement!
-Sleek looking and trendy from the side!
-Body shape and dimension match exceptionally well!
-The easy answer to the most asked question….”what do we breed Backdraft daughters to?”
-Let Gladiator lead you into battle for those big banners!