Step Aside


Move Over X Stand Tall

Registration: 425942003 
Ear Notch: 52-3
Bred by Smith Farms
Owned with Heimer Hampshires & Taylor Made Genetics 

-$48,000 2022 WTC Champion & Top Selling Duroc Boar!

-Impressive specimen that was an easy champion on the green carpet in Georgia!
-The ideal combination of balance and proportions!
-Genetically, packs the influence of the dominant Last Drop line combined with the legacy of the Lettow & Beyers programs!
-Sharp dressed up front with a dead level presence from the side!
-Huge legs and massive feet that function and motor comfortably and squarely off both ends!
-That hairy, dense shag that is trendy today with expressive muscle down his short back!
-We feel this one is not only tailor-made for those Backdraft lineage females, but is a boar that can cover a large group of females and make progress them forward!
-One of the most exciting purchases of any breed or color we’ve made in some time!
-Make the competition STEP ASIDE on your way to the backdrop!