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Rocky Road

Rocky Road

Kickin Rocks X Deep Water  

Bred by Hamilton Showpigs 
Purchased from Hamilton, Tanner Shipley, and Charlie Brandon 
Ear Notch 40-4
Registration# 171935004
Stress Negative
  • The other piece of the Hamilton bred duo we purchased from the 2022 The Draft! 
  • Shares the same dam as Jimmy Juice that recently stood here!
  • Mother was the Champion Berkshire Gilt at the 2019 KY State Fair and is half sib to the 5th Overall Gilt & Champion Berkshire at both the 2020 KY State Fair and TN State Show!
  • Sire is the wildly popular Heimer boar that now stands at Goldrush!
  • This one comes from Charlie Brandon & Tanner Shipley in OK where he was purchased with the intent to be a barrow but after evaluating his quality, couldn’t make themselves cut him!
  • We are glad this one kept his seeds because he reads like one that can make big time Berkshire barrow prospects!
  • Combination boar that is trendy yet burly and dense!
  • Slick neck and sharp headed one that reads with the right proportions from a length and frame standpoint!
  • Broad, flat back one with awesome shape and pliability!
  • Comfortable when he sets into motion with a heavy framework that matches his skeleton!
  • Take a double dip of success with ROCKY ROAD!!!