New Summer 2022 Sire


Lone Ranger X Lion King


Bred by & Owned with Miller & Lamle  
Ear Notch 54-4 
Registration # 430858004
  • Awesome Class Winning Duroc Boar from 2022 The Exposition! 
  • Lamle & Miller have made quite the name for themselves in short amount of time and with making pigs like this one it is easy to see why!
  • Brings a little different splash to our Duroc battery in terms of pedigree!
  • This one is an absolute stallion from the side in how he paints that trendy show ring picture!
  • Slick looking, extended, and level made!
  • Body shape and mass that match his skeleton exceptionally well!
  • His build and endurance at the ground is flawless and comfortable!
  • Love his proportions and balance!
  • One that we can see making those elite junior gilts but still packs enough punch to make big time barrows alike!
  • Saddle up and ride off to the backdrop with TONTO!