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Cheat Code

Cheat Code

Dirty South X Dirty Secret X Fourtune

Bred by Kale Boysen
Stress Negative

-$10,000 Champion Crossbred Boar purchase from the CPS Summer Type Conference!

-An easy champion boar that overwhelmed the rest based in his prolific presence and extra feature!

-A little older pedigree that still reads with tons of relevancy!

-Dam originated from Lettow and is a littermate to the Grand Overall Market Hog at the 2018 IA State Fair!

-Mother was bred same way as ??? in her first litter and that resulted in a blue gilt that sold for $25,000 at the 2019 American Royal!

-That female was purchased by Lettow and she is recently the mother of the Reserve Champion Crossbred Gilt at the 2022 The Exposition!

-Trendy from the side being tall fronted and long necked!

-Strong front feet that stride comfortably and a hind leg build to match!

-Shape, bulk, and mass are proportional and balance him out!

-One we feel can make those winning Crossbreds and fix issues that strongly need addressed!

-Get the advantage and finish first with CHEAT CODE!