Smoke Rings

Smoke Rings

Pueblo X Hybrid

Bred and owned with Zimmerman Hog Farm
Owned with Lowdermilk Showpigs, Team Sloan, Farrer, Harkey, and Jeff & Brenden Peters
Stress Negative
Registration: 179793005
Ear Notch: 90-5

-$50,000 Champion Spot Boar 2022 Summer Type Conference!

-Touted by most as the best spotted boar to surface in the last several years!

-An overwhelming Champion that was easy to find and is one impressive animal!

-From the highly successful firm that have racked up lot of championship honors in the last few years!

-Little different spin from a pedigree perspective when compared to the most current lines of success!

-Sire is the popular boar that resides at Chad Hill’s and maternal side of pedigree reaches back the successful Hybrid boar that once stood here!

-A physical specimen that is dense, athletic, and trendy!

-A big chested, wide hipped on that is broad and opened up from one end to the other!

-Massive bones and large feet that hit the surface square and accurate both front and back!

-Sharp, stout look that reads long necked and level built!

-Very comfortable and mobile as he strides out!

-The unique blend of balance with extras that the spotted breed has been waiting for!

-Signal your way to the top of the spotted breed with SMOKE RINGS!