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New Fall 2022 Sire
Big Bang

Big Bang

Creation X 38 Special

Bred by Wehmeier Showpigs
Ear Notch 41-1
Registration #  428214001
Pre-Order: $400
Overrun: $300
Last Call: $225

-Exciting purchase from the loaded 2022 STC Duroc show!

-Stands 3rd in that incredibly deep first class!

-Potent pedigree that represents his tremendous phenotype!

-Sire is the very popular boar at Upperhand that has had an impressive first season!

-The build and balance it takes to win the big shows easily describes this one!

-Up headed and tall shouldered with ideal lines from the side!

-Muscle shape and mass fit it skeleton very appropriately!

-The perfect blend of body shape and dimension!

-Incredible running gear that is so smooth and comfortable in his gait!

-Make some noise in the red arena with BIG BANG!