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New Summer 2022 Sire

Happy Hour

Timings Right X Clockwork

Bred by & Owned with McGrew Showpigs
Owned with Knauth Showpigs & Dale Wilde
Ear Notch 7-10
Registration # 165390010
Pre-Order: $250
Overrun: $150
Last Call: $100
  • $41,000 Champion Landrace Boar 2022 The Exposition!
  • Touted by many as “the best boar of any breed in the barn” in Des Moines this summer!
  • The most exotic looking creature of a Landrace that we have ever seen!
  • Thanks to very talented group of breeders that wanted to make sure they owned a piece of this one!
  • Stoutness and density for this breed that make him next level!
  • Shapely back, round rib and hard to make proportions!
  • Flexible and square off both ends with giant feet and huge legs!
  • Paints the picture of a champion from the side!
  • One of the most exciting specimens we have ever owned and we look forward to seeing HAPPY HOUR become a game changer for the Landrace breed