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New Spring 2022 Sire

Hit Stick

Big Stick X Gain Control

Registration: 653242008 
Ear Notch: 26-8
Bred by & Owned with Trogdon Showpigs
Owned with Sanders Showpigs & Robin Ridge
Pre-Order: $400
Overrun: $300
Last Call: $225


– Big time addition from Trogdon that explodes our Yorkshire line up to the next level!!! 

– Mother is impressive Lorenzen bred female that was Reserve Division 2 Champion at NJSS and 5th Overall Division 1 at The Exposition in 2020!!! 

– Hard to make pieces that cause this one to be a must use in the Yorkshire breed!!!

– Pattern and mold from the side are unique combination of look and dimension!!!

– Extra long neck and extension that sets him apart from the rest!!! 

– Tall fronted and level hipped while being short backed and round in his body shape!!! 

– Big legs and huge feet that function and grab extra surface when they are put into motion!!! 

– Grab that next burst of speed on your way to the winner’s circle with HIT STICK!!!