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New Spring 2023 Sire
Maxed Out

Maxed Out

Tricked Out X Visionary

Bred by & Owned with Flatland Showpigs
NamePreorderOverrunLast CallBreed
Mama Tried 150100100Berkshire
Rocky Road 1007575Berkshire
Custom Made150100100Chester
Bender 150100100Chester
Fresh Prince150100100Chester
Perfect Fit 150100100Chester
Big Bang 200150100Duroc
Bury My Bones200150100Duroc
Droppin' Dimes1007575Duroc
Real Deal150100100Duroc
Set The Curve250150150Duroc
Step Aside150100100Duroc
Whip & Spur1007575Duroc
Fly By150100100Hampshire
Cybertron 1007575Hereford
Dr. Strange1007575Landrace
Happy Hour150100100Landrace
High Heat150100100Landrace
Sneak Peek1007575Landrace
Snoopy100100100Poland China
Boom Box 100100100Spot
Remain Silent150100100Spot
Smoke Rings 150100100Spot
Speak Up 150100100Spot
Street Fight100100100Spot
Petting Zoo1007575Tamworth
Remember Me1007575Tamworth
Big Paw100100100Yorkshire
Foot Print 200150100Yorkshire
Ground Game 100100100Yorkshire
Hit Stick 200150100Yorkshire
No Contest1007575Yorkshire
Tik Tok 100100100Yorkshire
Against The Wall150100100Crossbred
Cheat Code1007575Crossbred
Enter Sandman200150100Crossbred
Iron Fist200150100Crossbred
Last Dance150100100Crossbred
Maxed Out150100100Crossbred
Pass The Hat350250250Crossbred
Trick Daddy300200150Crossbred
  • Exciting purchase from the 2022 King of the Hill Pig Sale!
  • A standout amongst a deep set of boar prospects at this prestigious event!
  • Absolutely loaded from a pedigree perspective with Tricked Out as his sire and Visionary as the sire of his mother!
  • Mother originated from Heimer in his Build the Brand Sale and reads with the pedigree of Visionary X Full Strut. She was a tremendous influencer for HH, with her biggest feat being the mother of the Reserve Grand Overall Barrow at the 2020 San Antonio Stock Show!
  • Tricked Out has been one of the more dominant boars to ever live and we are pumped to have a strong sampling of offspring to offer!
  • MAXED OUT is exactly what his name implies! He is loaded with feature and power while still exemplifying balance from the side!
  • A short sided one that is very pliable in terms of rib shape and bulk!
  • Impressive back shape and dimension with awesome spread up high!
  • Stout skulled and heavy legged with big, even toes!
  • Sharp look that is tall fronted and extended!
  • One that reads with the pieces to generate elite caliber offspring that can be MAXED OUT to win the biggest, most competitive shows!