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New Fall 2022 Sire

Remain Silent

Silencer X Black Out


Bred by Brent McCann
Purchased from Winnercircle Showpigs & R3 Genetics
Stress Negative
Registration: 178143001
Ear Notch: 2-1
NamePreorderOverrunLast CallBreed
Rocky Road 150100100Berkshire
Custom Made150100100Chester
Fresh Prince150100100Chester
Bender 150100100Chester
Perfect Fit 150100100Chester
Big Bang 250150150Duroc
Bury My Bones150100100Duroc
Droppin' Dimes150100100Duroc
Real Deal150100100Duroc
Step Aside250150150Duroc
Whip & Spur150100100Duroc
Fly By150100100Hampshire
Dr. Strange1007575Landrace
Happy Hour150100100Landrace
Sneak Peek1007575Landrace
High Heat150100100Landrace
Snoopy150100100Poland China
Boom Box 150100100Spot
Remain Silent150100100Spot
Smoke Rings 250150150Spot
Speak Up 150100100Spot
Street Fight150100100Spot
Remember Me150100100Tamworth
Big Paw150100100Yorkshire
Foot Print 250150150Yorkshire
Ground Game 150100100Yorkshire
Hit Stick 250150150Yorkshire
No Contest150100100Yorkshire
Tik Tok 150100100Yorkshire
3 Peat150100100Crossbred
American Made150100100Crossbred
Awakening 1007575Crossbred
Cheat Code1007575Crossbred
Last Dance150100100Crossbred

-Outcross pedigree spotted boar that we are pumped to bring to Indiana!

-Littermate brother was Reserve Champion Spot Barrow 2022 OYE!

-His sire, Silencer, is a No Words X Potty Mouth that also sired the other 2 class winning spot barrows at OYE this spring!

-Unique specimen that is extra stout at the ground yet so trendy from the side!

-Gigantic feet and legs that are dense and hit the surface smoothly and comfortably!

-Exceptionally clean jointed about his hock and rear leg design!

-Exotic looking from the side with awesome height of shoulder and levelness!

-An elevated one that is still short backed and round bodied!

-A big THANK YOU to the Winnercircle crew for allowing us to bring this monster to God’s country!

-Leave your competition speechless with REMAIN SILENT!