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Step Aside


Move Over X Stand Tall

Registration: 425942003 
Ear Notch: 52-3
Bred by Smith Farms
Owned with Heimer Hampshires & Taylor Made Genetics 
NamePreorderOverrunLast CallBreed
Hollow Point 100100Berkshire
Mama Tried200150Berkshire
Ten Rounds100100Berkshire
Bender 100100Chester
Custom Made100100Chester
Fresh Prince150100Chester
Orbit 100100Chester
Perfect Fit 100100Chester
Big Bang 100100Duroc
Blueprint 150100Duroc
Bury My Bones100100Duroc
Lane Change100100Duroc
Mother's Milk150100Duroc
Real Deal100100Duroc
Set the Curve 100100Duroc
Step Aside100100Duroc
Happy Hour100100Landrace
High Heat 100100Landrace
Sneak Peek100100Landrace
Tiger Tail 100100Hereoford
Chin Music 100100Poland China
Snoopy100100Poland Chin
Boom Box 100100Spot
Cottonmouth 150100Spot
Full Circle 100100Spot
Remain Silent100100Spot
Speak Up 100100Spot
White Lines 150100Spot
Petting Zoo100100Tamworth
Remember Me100100Tamworth
Big Paw100100Yorkshire
By All Means 100100Yorkshire
Footprint 100100Yorkshire
Hit Stick 100100Yorkshire
Land Mine 100100Yorkshire
Tik Tok 100100Yorkshire
Tycoon 150100Yorkshire
Against The Wall100100Crossbred
Black Magic 250150Crossbred
Connect The Dots100100Crossbred
Enter Sandman 150100Crossbred
Iron Fist 100100Crossbred
Last Dance100100Crossbred
Maxed Out100100Crossbred
Pass The Hat250150Crossbred
Trick Daddy250150Crossbred

-$48,000 2022 WTC Champion & Top Selling Duroc Boar!

-Impressive specimen that was an easy champion on the green carpet in Georgia!
-The ideal combination of balance and proportions!
-Genetically, packs the influence of the dominant Last Drop line combined with the legacy of the Lettow & Beyers programs!
-Sharp dressed up front with a dead level presence from the side!
-Huge legs and massive feet that function and motor comfortably and squarely off both ends!
-That hairy, dense shag that is trendy today with expressive muscle down his short back!
-We feel this one is not only tailor-made for those Backdraft lineage females, but is a boar that can cover a large group of females and make progress them forward!
-One of the most exciting purchases of any breed or color we’ve made in some time!
-Make the competition STEP ASIDE on your way to the backdrop!